What do I need to bring?
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A yoga mat (bring your own or rent/borrow from the studio)
  • An optional small towel to wipe off any eventual sweat
  • A water bottle

Until Prop 64 goes into full effect, participants must show a valid medical cannabis recommendation to participate in the cannabis portion of the class. Digital copies are fine. Vape pens will be provided – no outside substances are permitted.

Are there rules?

Participants must be over 21 years of age to participate in a Higher Self Yoga class and must show a valid medical recommendation.

Other than that, the rules are to show up with an open mind, be respectful of others around you and enjoy yourself!

Can people attend and not participate in the cannabis ritual?

Yes. Higher Self Yoga classes are beautiful community-building experiences with great yoga that can be enjoyed by anyone!
Please note however that minors will not be admitted to the event due to the presence of cannabis vapor in the room.

Is this all safe?

Our priority is to design safe, nurturing and positive experiences for all of our participants. The physical yoga portion of classes is always accessible to all levels of practitioner and our instructors are trained to recommend pose modifications for students who may have certain physical limitations or challenges.

It is however, the responsibility of the participant to manage his/her cannabis intake, to listen to his/her body or to take breaks from class as needed. We unfortunately cannot control how the vape and yoga affect each participant so we must each participate responsibly to ensure the best experience for all. We are of course here to offer any assistance and support you may need.