Emily Meyers

She is a Board Member of the California Growers Association, Chair of the CCIA Retail Committee and involved in the CCIA Manufacturing Committee and California Cannabis Delivery Alliance.


She has been a consistent contributor to activism efforts at the local and state level. Founder of the LA Delivery Alliance and one of the leaders of the Southern California Cannabis Coalition.

Emily is a yoga instructor who leads a ganja yoga organization with over 450 members. 

At 17, Emily had a mystical experience that led her to take classes in yoga, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Judaism in college. She was taught tantra yoga practices and philosophy by renowned yogini Shiva Rea. Studying spiritual traditions has become a lifelong journey; leading Emily to live in temples and ashrams around the world. Practicing and spreading a love for yoga is a core component of Emily’s life mission.

Emily Meyers is a passionate and result-oriented executive with expertise in operations, marketing, process improvement and communications. As leader who fuses creative, commercial and social capital to achieve results, she has achieved a track record as a serial entrepreneur with a focus on socially conscious business featuring a double bottom line – people and profit. She also brings Fortune 500 experience through management positions with General Electric and Bank of America.

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Nathania received her 200 RYT Yoga Alliance Certification from Goda Yoga with trainers Kate Duyn Cariati and Cheryl Moss, and completed a 50 hour Laughing Lotus Super Sequencing Certification with Mary Dana Abbott and Kate Duyn Cariati.


“I love your class! The music and the creative flowyness and the strength and energy – it all inspires me. I love that it’s moving and connecting with your body without dissecting every little thing!”
– Tara B.

“Cool class. Really interesting sequencing.”
– David R.

Coming from a background in bodybuilding and circuit training, Nathania stumbled into yoga by accident in 2009 and what started as a purely physical adventure became a journey towards healing old traumas and experiencing a profound personal transformation. Through a dedicated yoga practice and a Master’s degree in Psychology, Nat unearthed a passion for helping others transform their lives, free themselves from negative behavior patterns and dare to be unapologetically real. She believes that yoga – and a healthy mind-body connection – is a gateway to self-love. Her classes are strong and fluid, creatively sequenced and sprinkled with playful arm balances and transitions. Expect to be inspired and to learn to laugh at yourself. Expect to discover how your time on the mat is a mirror for your life and an invaluable tool to help you become your own best supporter. Nathania owns and operates GODA Yoga, a yoga studio in Culver City, California and runs international yoga & transformation retreats.

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